HSR pulsoximetry test method developed head of the Department of Medical Physics at the Faculty of Physics, on Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan Prof.Phd Ryszard Krzyminiewski. The research is the part of TelMedHome project, which performs inter alia in online telemedical mode the advanced analysis of pulse wave measured by digital pulsoximeter. This allows apart from the typical data as pulse and blood oxygen saturation, the immediate assignation of a number of other parameters allowing to assess the various disorders of the heartbeat such as the operation of valves, arrhythmia etc. The program is mainly designed for monitoring of patients with cardiovascular disease, after surgery or requiring care. It can be particularly useful for family doctor and specialist in medical clinic or hospital.

Vigget Company is the only company in the industry of direct sales in Poland licensed by Prof. Krzyminiewski to conduct the research by the HSR pulsoximetry test method.