"The customer should be aware of." This truth is obvious only apparently. Full informations about products are very often hidden from the buyers, and the tricks of marketing professionals in shops and supermarkets causes that we can’t verify upatrzonych selected items before purchase.

In the direct sales is different. In the intimate, comfort conditions client may very well take a look at the presented goods, can test the operations and make appropriate decision. Direct sales is primarily a meeting. We like to meet our customers. We are pleased that they draw attention to the scientifically proven benefits of our products, to their quality and uniqueness.

Our representatives get through with the informations about our products to the people interested in active care of the health. A full package of informations about the specifics of the operation and benefits of these products pro vide to the potential customers well trained, experienced Advisors-Distributors (An opportunity to this are the specially organized meetings). Also the medical consultants offer help, from which benefit all our customers.