Mission, vision, purpose

GIVE PEOPLE MORE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS - is our primary objective.

We were inspired by life and proffesional attitude of an eminent scholar and doctor – Prof. Zbigniew Antoszewski, creator of the first Polish artificial heart-lung machine. He led the motto: "do everything possible to give a chance to their health, life and happiness." Deeply humanistic message enclosed in the life advice makes it an universal idea that we want to promote.

We devoted all our energy, emotions, knowledge, years of experience in the line of business to create the company based on the one hand on good business practices, on the other hand - on our operational philosophy. This philosophy comes down to the greatest customer care. We take care of their health, physical and mental comfort, but also about the fact that purchases can be made in the most convenient way for customer. Therefore, pro-health products, developed specifically for our customers, reach them in such a way that they have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with any useful information.

We appreciate the true partnership relations in dealing with our cooperators and business partners. They are very important to us, therefore we provide them the comfortable working conditions and make the best tools accessible. But most of all we supply products, which they can be proud of and with real pleasure recommend them to others, while strengthening their own financial independence, developing their own business on the domestic and foreign markets.

Why are we a leader? It's simple - WE GIVE PEOPLE MORE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.